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Tri-Cities Social Sports was created to provide recreational sports leagues and social events for adults over 21 in Norteast Tennessee. Think of it like intramurals for grown ups! No matter your skill level or athletic ability, you’ll find a sport to enjoy and opportunities to socialize and make new friends that could last a lifetime.

Sand Vball 2

TCSS emphasizes multiple levels of recreational play, from those who don't take the score too seriously to those who thrive in friendly competition. 

Kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, flag football, 16-inch softball, and cornhole are just a few sports we specialize in. In addition to the weekly post-game get-togethers at our local sponsor bar, we organize exclusive social events and tournaments. TCSS provides a social space revolving around sports where you can enjoy time with your friends or make new ones!

How It Works

Become A Member For Free

Become a Tri-Cities Social Sports community member and enjoy all the perks! Get ready to have some fun and make new friends! It’s easy. Just create a new account!

Find A League Or Event

Kickball, dodgeball, flag football & more… Whether you’re new to the area, need an excuse to get off the couch, or want to expand your social circle, our leagues are perfect for you!

Have A Blast!

Shake, rattle, & roll! Get ready for an absolute blast with all the coolest people in the Tri-Cities.

Free Agent

Congrats! You’re about to meet a ton of awesome new people. Over 1/3 of our players either do or have signed-up as a Free Agent, so you’re in good company. By signing up as a free agent, we will place you on an awesome team when registration closes. You will get an email notifying you which team you are on. You can email and say hello or just wait until gameday. Look at you, you highly sought-after free agent!

Small Group

Ok, so you don’t have enough people to have your own team, but you want to be on the same team as your friend, partner, etc. By utilizing the small group option you can name your group (something easy like “Chris’ group”), then your counterparts may join your group, and you will all be placed on a team together. If your small group becomes large enough to be your own team or just needs 1 or 2 more, your group may be converted into a team.

Team Captain

Captain, my captain. By signing up as team captain, you are able to create your own new team that your friends, coworkers, and peeps can join. You now have the awesome responsibility of choosing the most bestest team name, as well as selecting your team’s shirt color!

Team Player

Sign-up as a team player if you already know which team you want to join. Just use the drop-down and select the team name you want to become a part of and BAM!!! Welcome to the team, RAM-ROD!


Hey guys! We are Garrett and Natosha Lawson, your favorite league's owners! We are natives of the Tri-Cities area and East Tennessee State University alumni. Most of our lives have revolved around sports in some capacity, whether that be playing, coaching, or simply enjoying watching from the stands. 

We have two small children that keep us pretty busy, which is what motivated us to join our first season of sand volleyball in 2019. The league allowed us one evening a week to do something for ourselves as well as gave us an opportunity to meet other adults in the same stage of life. After playing only one season, we were hooked and quickly became familiar faces, returning for every sport we could. We had no idea that decision would lead to where we are now, but so glad it did. We LOVE this community that Tri-Cities Social Sports has created, so of course, we jumped at the chance to take over and give back to this special group; that has given us so much! We hope you will put yourselves out there and say YES to this unique experience that just may be where you find your village."

TCSS Owners
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