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Cultivate new connections, and elevate your social prowess. Ready to take the plunge? Dive into the excitement now and kick off the games!

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Tri-Cities Social Sports is a co-ed recreational sports league for adults 21+ in Tri-Cities, Tennessee. Think of it like intramurals for grownups! What's awesome about the league is that the fun doesn't stop on the court, field, etc. After games we gather at our local sponsor bar for food, drinks, and comradery. No matter your skill level or athletic ability, you’ll find a sport to enjoy and opportunities to socialize and make new friends that could last a lifetime.

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Website Homepage image Kick Ball


Who said it was just a kid's game?

You know this was your favorite P.E. activity!! Kickball is a bonanza of crazy fun, and our most popular league. This game is for anyone wanting to have fun, relax, and enjoy some time outdoors with the Tri-Cities’ coolest people!

Website Homepage image Sand VB

Sand Volleyball

Fun in the Sun!

Let us set the scene for you. Shades on, music turned up, barefoot in the sand playing summer's best sport. This will quickly be your favorite league if you enjoy a laid-back vibe with your best pals.

Website Homepage image DB


Dodge, Duck, & Dive!

This will be your absolute favorite way to spend a cold night in the Tri-Cities. Dodgeball is a blast (hopefully not to the face)! This coed league uses rubber coated foam balls so don’t worry, you won’t be coming to work with black eyes and busted lips. You win, just by playing… welcome to Dodgeball!

Website Homepage image Indoor VB

Indoor Volleyball

I can't. I have volleyball.

Where are all my competition-loving people at?? Yeah, us too! Indoor Volleyball is a ton of fun and our most popular winter league. Not to worry if you are more interested in a more relaxed setting as we offer different divisions for your particular skill level. In our opinion there's no better way to spend time than being in the middle of a good volley with back-and-forth bump, set, and spikes.

Website Homepage image Flag FootBall

Flag Football

You might not get drafted…but you can have a draft afterwards.

Here we go Tri-Cities Social Sports! If you are looking for scouts in the stands, you may have the wrong league. If you’re wanting to pretend to be Derrick Henry, welcome to Tri-Cities Social Sports Flag Football League.

Website Homepage image SoftBall 2


We Play With Big Balls.

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not your average softball league; we play with a 16-inch softball and no gloves! Do you love softball, but prefer a more relaxed vibe? Here it is! Don't knock it until you try it.


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