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Strictly enforced Social Policy in the name of FUN!

If your team is upset with a referee’s call or has a grievance, only the team captain may approach the referee and only then with the referee’s permission.

There will be no player arguing with the referee. The first time this happens, the referee will issue a warning. The second time, the player will be ejected from the game. Arguing with the referee may include a player disrespectfully complaining about the referee so loudly to their own teammates that the referee may overhear.

The referees should NEVER change a call. Sometimes they may miss a call, but it all balances out. The team that benefits from a missed call may let the referee know and ask the referee to reverse it. This is called good sportsmanship. The captain for the team should be the person that lets the referee know.

Current league T-shirts MUST be worn to play.


In the spirit of fun, the winning team is encouraged to provide the losing team a pitcher of beer at the bar.

Swearing happens, but never at another person.

This is not the Pro’s, in fact they’re not even amateur. As such, we will make mistakes. A foot over a line by an inch, a missed call, a bump into the net…they happen. Take a breath, its cool. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Always play fair. Don’t abuse the benefit of the doubt. Basically, don’t be a dick.

Being a good sport can be hard, especially after a close or important game. Just keep sportsmanship in the front of your mind.

Cheer at impressively good or bad plays, no matter who it benefits!

Be a KIND Human

Play Sports ★ Make Friends ★ Have Fun

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